Our appliances make our lives easier by taking care of mundane tasks like cooking, laundry, and dishes. But when it comes time to clean the appliances themselves, it can be a real hassle. Scrubbing, scraping, and sanitizing can take up an entire day, and leave you with sore muscles afterwards. However, by following these easy cleaning tips, you can get the job done quickly and easily.

Auto Dishwasher

Cleaning your dishwasher doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process. With Winkle Dishwasher Cleaner and Freshener, it can be a snap! These easy-to-use liquids don’t require much more effort than running a normal cycle. Simply load the dishwasher, add detergent to the main dispenser, place the Winkle Dishwasher Cleaner liquid at the bottom of your machine, and run the dishwasher on normal. As a bonus, Winkle dishwasher liquid will also leave your dishes clean and sparkling!

Microwave Oven

In order to clean your microwave, start by filling a coffee mug with water and adding a few lemon slices. Then, place the mug in the microwave and run it on high power for about three minutes. After that, allow the mug to sit for another few minutes. The steam from the lemon water will help soften any stubborn food spills, and the lemon scent will also help get rid of any lingering odours. Remove the turntable and wipe it down with a rag or sponge soaked in warm, soapy water. Wipe down the interior of the microwave with the same cloth or sponge. Finally, wipe down the exterior of the microwave with a kitchen towel.

Grill and Stovetop

Let your oven do the work for you by using the self-cleaning option. Use a little soapy water or vinegar to wipe down areas like oven door hinges and frames, which aren’t reached via self-cleaning. For baked-on food that won’t budge, use a spray oven cleaner or some baking soda on a sponge. To clean the stovetop, remove burners, knobs, and vents and soak for a few hours in hot, soapy water. If you have a glass-top stove, be gentle.

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth or sponge and a special glass-top cleaner.

Coffee Maker

To clean your traditional coffee maker, remove any removable parts and rinse them in water. Then, mix together a solution of two parts water and one-part white vinegar. Insert a coffee filter, and run the solution through the machine. Finally, flush the machine with clean water twice to remove any traces of vinegar.

If you have a single-cup brewer, start by unplugging the machine and removing the removable parts, like the water reservoir, K-cup holder, and drip tray. Wash these parts in warm, soapy water, and then allow them to dry.

Fridge- Freezer

It’s easy to forget about cleaning the area behind the refrigerator, but it’s important to keep it clean. To clean this area, first, pull the fridge out and sweep and mop behind it. Then use the vacuum cleaner to clean dust and gunk from the coils. To wipe down the inside of your fridge, use soapy water or a half-and-half solution of vinegar and water.

For sticky or stuck-on bits, you might want to remove the shelf or drawer and soak it in some hot, soapy water. To finish, use a damp cloth to remove fingerprints and smudges on stainless steel.

Bread Toaster

Here’s a quick and easy way to clean a toaster. Unplug the toaster, spread out a few layers of newspaper, and place the toaster on top. Pour a tablespoon of kosher salt into each slot, then tape a piece of paper over the top. Give the toaster a good shake to get those grains of salt working, knocking out the crumbs and other food particles. Remove the paper from the top and empty the toaster over the newspaper. Voila! Give the toaster a good exterior wipe-down if needed

Food Processor and Blender

One of the easiest ways to clean your blender or food processor is to add some warm water and a couple of drops of dish soap. Blend away, just like you’re making your favourite smoothie or sauce! This method is quick, easy, and effective. Just be sure to rinse the container and blades afterwards, and give the appliances a deep cleaning every now and then as needed